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BioCube HQI

A Complete System for Saltwater/Reef Environments

Biocube HQI offers an aesthetically appealing design and high quality components that make reef-keeping easier and rewarding. The key component is the HQI metal halide light which provides the high intensity lumen output preferred by reef-keeping enthusiasts. Now you can create a thriving coral reef with a broad variety of organisms including small polyp stony (SPS) corals and Tridacna clams.


Healthy reef-keeping also requires proper filtration and Biocube HQI has everything you need including a protein skimmer for removing harmful organic waste, a refugium chamber for establishing biological filtration and a replaceable filter cartridge to eliminate particulate matter.


And don’t forget beauty. Since a thriving coral reef is a beautiful reef, Biocube HQI includes a clear glass canopy for showcasing your aquatic masterpiece. The canopy is easily removed for stocking, water changes, and ongoing maintenance.

Other Important Features Include:
  • Clear glass splash guard surrounding the U.V. shielded metal halide lamp
  • Powerful but quiet fan built into light fixture for active cooling
  • Light housing designed with small thermal vents so heat rises up and away from aquarium

  Product Size Dimensions UPC Code Item #
22.4" x 24" x 20.7"
Download High-Res Image (785 KB)
29 Gal. L 20 x W 21 x H 18.5 797926360157 36015
5" x 1.5" x 8.3" 150W L 5 x W 1 x H 8.25 096316537002 53700
7.2" x 4.4" x 1"
Download High-Res Image (430 KB)
150W L 5 x W 1 x H 8.25 096316537026 53702
5" x 1.5" x 8.3"
Download High-Res Image (436 KB)
150W L 5 x W 1 x H 8.25 096316537057 53705